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The CORUM team draws on its combined knowledge and years of experience to secure and optimise client assets in the long term.

Stefan Bucher

Managing Partner

Stefan Bucher is the founder and Managing Partner of CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG. Before setting up the company, he worked as a director for various Swiss private banks, where he gained extensive experience in the asset management and investment business. He has made himself a name as an asset management specialist and adept financial advisor.

Managing Partner bei CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG, Zürich

Thomas Schornstein

Member of the Board of Directors

In addition to his work as a member of the CORUM Board of Directors, Thomas Schornstein is a Member of the Executive Board of additiv AG, Zurich – a leading fintech company in wealth management . Thomas has joined additiv from Credit Suisse AG, where he was a Managing Director in the Wealth Management Division. Positions held within Credit Suisse for the last 20 years have included Market Area and Market Group Head positions for various markets as Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Nordics, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe. He holds an MBA in Banking and Finance from the University of Zurich (MA UZH).


Stefan Biland

Investment Consultant

Stefan Biland is a financial specialist with extensive experience in advising discerning private clients. He worked for various Swiss banks as senior relationship manager / executive director with focus on Eastern Europe and has a broad international network of contacts. Stefan Biland holds a doctoral degree in history (Dr. phil.) and a Swiss federal diploma as expert in finance and investments. He speaks German, English, French and Russian.

Jose F. Herrera

Investment Consultant

Jose F Herrera worked in the International Division for banks in Lima, Madrid, New York branches and for Fortune 100 Financial Institutions. He is a seasoned Financial Advisor with 28 years providing tailored financial guidance and investment management strategies to successful individuals, families and business owners. He is a Life Member of the prestigious International Organization MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). Fluent in Spanish and English.

Prof. Dr. Josef Marbacher

Chief Economist

In the second half of the 1980s Professor Dr. Josef Marbacher was Chief Economist of Swiss Re AG. Right after that he led the finance research of Bank Julius Baer in Zurich, also as Chief Economist and Chief Strategist. In 1999 he was appointed as Professor to Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz where he founded the Institution for Finance Management IFF in 2001. Today Professor Marbacher is working as a docent and advisor in the bank and finance sector.


Michael P. Reichstein

Investment Consultant

Michael P. Reichstein is an Investment Consultant and Fund Manager at CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG. His many years of experience with notable Swiss banks translate into hard-to-match expertise. Since 2005, he has specialised in investment and customer advisory services in the Middle East and has already built a broad-based network.

Stephan Schneider

Investment Consultant

Stephan Schneider is a passionate private banker and brings 30 years of serious banking experience to the table. He has been working in the private banking sector for the last 25 years and specialises particularly in the consulting and support of entrepreneurial families, wealthy families and private clients, with a focus on Switzerland and Germany. He most recently served as a member of the Board of Directors at a large Swiss bank. Mr. Schneider possesses considerable banking-related education and further education qualifications, which have helped him to become a specialist in his field.

Stefan Bucher

Managing Partner

Stefan Bucher is the founder and Managing Partner of CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG. Before setting up the company, he worked as a director for various Swiss private banks, where he gained extensive experience in the asset management and investment business. He has made himself a name as an asset management specialist and adept financial advisor.

Managing Partner bei CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG, Zürich

Christian Alois Bucher

Managing Director

Christian Alois Bucher is an experienced finance specialist and worked his way up the banking business from the bottom. As a client and investment advisor, he worked for more than 20 years for various Swiss banks and since 2009 is working for Corum Vermögensverwaltung AG. Christian Alois Bucher maintains an international network of contacts. Aside from speaking German, English and French, he is also fluent in Russian.

Ladina Bülow

Business Administration

Ladina Bülow works as a Business Administrator. In this role, she ensures continuous support at the reception area and supports the back office in various administrative tasks.

Vincenzo D’Acunto


Mr D’Acunto is responsible for updating our portfolio management system (VWD). He was previously employed as a clerk by various reputable financial institutions. Thanks to his many years of experience, his comprehensive specialist knowledge and his networked thinking he is optimally positioned for this employment.

Thomas Kemmerer

Managing Director

Thomas Kemmerer has many years of experience in private & investment banking and is seen as a finance expert in the industry. He has held a managerial role in well-known financial institutions. He provides extensive and customised support to demanding private clients in all matters of capital accumulation and structuring, with a focus on Eastern Europe.

Boris Meyer

General Counsel & Compliance Officer

After studying law Boris Meyer gathered essential experiences in the Legal & Compliance field (GwG, FATCA, VSB, FIDLEG etc.), especially at Credit Suisse and an aspiring private equity company in Zurich. In addition to the usual school languages he also speaks Spanish and Croatian.

Thomas Pyloridis

Managing Director

Thomas Pyloridis has been working in the finance sector with Swiss banks and other financial institutions for the past 20 years. He has a great deal of experience in the support of wealthy private clients, with a focus on South and Eastern Europe as well as in asset management.

Antonella Piccinni

Office Manager

Antonella Piccinni holds the position of Management Assistant at CORUM. She is the heart and soul of the company, making sure that the administrative side runs smoothly and on schedule. Antonella Piccinni has always got the overview and welcomes CORUM’s clients either in one of her two mother languages, German and Italian, or equally charmingly in French or English.

Patrick Schaufelberger

Investment Consultant

Patrick Schaufelberger has worked for over 20 years as a Senior Client advisor in the banking industry and as a result has acquired an excellent knowledge in private and investment banking. He has worked for several well-known swiss and international financial institutions and has advised wealthy and demanding private clients internationally: Asia, Canada and Switzerland. Patrick has built up an extensive business network in the various regions and has been able to utilize his fluency in German, English and French.

Michel Schwarz

Managing Director

Michel Schwarz is Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG in Germany. Previously he worked as a director for various Swiss private banks, where he gained extensive experience in the asset management and investment business. He is advising wealthy private clients mainly from Europe and is considered as an expert and specialist in asset management and financial business.

Dinka Susnja

Administration employee

Ms Susnja ensures professional service at reception as a commercial employee and supports our team in various administrative matters.

Thomas Tietz


For more than 20 years Thomas Tietz has worked in the IT and Services field all around banks and asset managers and their needs.
Since 1. April 2018 he’s CEO of Corum Vermögensverwaltung AG. In those markets he has built up and led companies successfully. His last positions were Executive Director at VWD Group Switzerland AG as well as Member of the Board and Executive Director at Avaloq Sourcing (Europe) AG and Avaloq Deutschland GmbH.


Natalia Voychuk, MBA

Managing Director

Natalia Voychuk is a Senior Private Banker with 15 years experience in Russian and Swiss banks. She has a substantial experience in private and corporate banking, investment advise, portfolio management, book development. Natalia uses entrepreneurial approach in business development, and she is always open to find out the best solution for her clients. She holds MBA in international management and speaks Russian, English, German and French

Xenia Wehrli

Assistant to the CEO

Xenia Wehrli is Assistant to the CEO and has over ten years of experience in the administration field as well as in maintenance of portfolio management systems.
Since 1. July 2019 she’s joined as a member of our CORUM team and, with her friendly nature, is taking care of the needs of our clients and business partners.


Andreas Winteler

Investment Consultant

Andreas Winteler has been supporting wealthy and discerning private persons in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK for almost 30 years. His clients appreciate his professional expertise, clarity and reliability. Thanks to his many years as a senior investment and client advisor at renowned Swiss and international financial institutions, he also has a broad network of contacts.

Kemal Yildirim

Investment Consultant

Kemal Yildirim has been a senior relationship manager and independent asset manager for over 15 years. He has excellent knowledge in private and investment banking. As an independent asset manager, he advised sophisticated private clients in Turkey, the Middle East, Russia and Switzerland. Kemal Yildirim has very good and extensive professional knowledge in asset management and is characterised by his communication skills and sociability. He maintains a broad network of contacts and, in addition to German, speaks fluent Turkish and English.


Francesco Zeziola

Investment Consultant

The language savvy and investment enthusiastic asset manager, Francesco Zeziola has many years of experience as a financial advisor. He worked for renowned financial institutions in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. His in-depth knowledge, his negotioation skills and his professionalism characterize him.


Before establishing CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG in 2002, Stefan Bucher had worked for almost ten years in the private banking and trading departments of a German private bank in Zurich. As qualified investment specialist, he eventually set up his own company, establishing CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG via CORUM Holding AG, Baar.

Since then, the team has continued to expand. We now have a powerful team that has the necessary foresight to achieve our clients’ aims. We intend to employ our personal and dynamic approach to developing and expanding CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG in the future.


Founded: 2002 by Stefan Bucher

Head office: Mainaustrasse 21, CH-8008 Zürich

Share capital: CHF 500,000

CORUM Vermögensverwaltung AG is part of CORUM Holding AG